City of Aurora, South Dakota

"Rise & Shine"

About the City of Aurora

Aurora, South Dakota is a small town located just 3 miles East of the City of Brookings, and 2 miles south off of HWY.14.

The population of Aurora is just over 600 people. Although we are continuing to grow more every year, with the new developments that have started over the past few years!

Aurora is believed to be conceived in 1878 when a man named Mr. W.R. Stowe arrived. After a year or so, the city got its name due to the railroads wanting a name for the station. As the years went on, a few others decided that Aurora would be an area to claim land and begin harvesting.

In 1879 the town was formally founded and platted. Thereafter, the town continued to grow.

Because of the town so rapidly growing, it was decided that they needed a school for the children.

In 1910 Prof Arnott built the school, which did not last to long before closing in 1968. From here on out, the children were bussed to Brookings for school.

Even then, the community grew steadily, and so did the addition of businesses.

Now being 2014, Aurora remains to have a steady growth rate, adding new developments, businesses, and neighbors!

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